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Green Statement

Green Statement

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QS Quest are 100% committed to playing our part in reducing our impact on the environment. We have addressed various issues that will have an immediate positive impact and are constantly reviewing new ideas to implement within our business to continuously reduce our impact even further.

Some ideas we have introduced  that have helped reduce our footprints are to recycle all toner and printer cartridges at the office, also here at QS Quest we have recycle bins for waste paper.

Our main goal for 2009/2010 is to become a paperless office. All stationary ordered is now done on a QTRLY basis instead of monthly to ultimately reduce emission from transport. Standby reduction power plugs are being introduced for our PC’s and appliances.

We urge all of our clients and candidates to look at different ways they can also help our environment as “between us we make a difference in securing a happy and healthy future for all our children”. 

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